October 07, 1994
Sudhesan Midhun
All Rounder
  • 9
  • 0/0
  • 2
  • 3
  • 37.50
  • 8
  • 6.43

The Rajasthan Royals bidding team at the 2018 IPL Auction weren’t just interested in world famous cricketers like Ben Stokes, Ajinkya Rahane and Jos Buttler, they were also on the lookout for potential cricketing superstars of the future. ...The Royals have a fantastic track record in spotting talent - that goes un-noticed by most - and helping them flourish. Some of the Rajasthan alumnae have even gone on to play for their country, so no one could blame the likes of Sudhesan Midhun for having dreams of using a successful IPL 2018 season as a springboard to success now that the Royals have decided to give him a chance. Bought for 20 lakhs, Sudhesan’s specialism is leg spin – and his googlies have often put unwitting batsmen in all sorts of bother. He was born on October 7 in 1994, so his star sign is Libra, which is all about scales and balance, but batters often lose their balance when trying to negotiate the sharp turn that the Kerala player can generate with his supple right wrist. Every cricket fan loves to see an opposition batsman totally bamboozled by the ball going in a completely different direction to what they expect, so Royals afficianados can look forward to some spectacular deliveries from Sudhesan in the upcoming campaign.

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