2019 marks the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). An event that grabs more eyeballs than some of the biggest events across entertainments and sports. So, what makes this tournament special? Is it the players, is it the team or is it the glamour surrounding it? The answer is yes to all, but the X factor that makes the tournament scale new heights is the millions of fans eagerly awaiting to see the men and boys from different parts of world come together and express themselves with bat and ball.

As an IPL team with fans who feel a sense of belonging with the club, we thrive on the overflowing constructive feedback provided by them. Any team on the up-rise will try to leverage the wave of the fan’s voice and we were no different. We recently conducted a competition called the #JoinTheFamily, where we aimed at involving our fans and give them a chance to make one of the most important decisions made by the franchise. The game that was held between December 12th until December 18th, 2018, featured a mock auction online game on our website that invited our fans to choose the remaining slot of players to complete the Royals Squad. The participants were challenged to form a team that would closely resemble the final set of players bought in the auction. We were amazed to have a count of 637 participants overall.

We kicked off the contest with a video of Manoj Badale, the owner, as he invited the fans to participate and be a part of their team’s process. Don’t believe us? Take a look below

Zaid Bhorania from Mumbai bagged the first prize and was rewarded tickets to participate in Royals’ first camp of the season. Shubh Khabya from Pune secured second position and won a Mitashi TV (32 inches) as a reward. Among other runners up are Mikin Patel, Abhishek Meghwanshi (Bharuch), RV Chouhan (Ajmer), Rishabh Gandhi (Palghar), Ashish Yadhav (Neemrana), Sayandh (Chala), Kapil Borana (Shahgarh) and Ahad Gahlot (Mumbai); all received exclusive RR merchandize.

We also have with us Zaid Bhorania, who secured the first prize in the contest. Commenting on his reward to visit the Rajasthan Royals’ first camp of this season, he says:

Hoping to have a great season and emerging victorious.

Halla Bol


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